Why I am leaving money on the table to pursue my passion

Nir Zavaro
3 min readJun 5, 2022

“I hope you understand,” I said quietly, fully knowing that even I did not entirely understand how big this one short sentence was.

We agreed to keep in touch and I hung up.

I had just refused a branding project, the kind I would usually be happy to take, but now things are changing. I am changing. Well, to be honest, my focus is changing. For the first time in over a decade, everything I do is directed toward a singular goal.

I have worked in sales and marketing. Started my own agency and worked with some of the biggest companies out there, like Microsoft, Unilever, e-Toro, and overwolf. I have had the pleasure of teaching marketing and branding in almost every college and university in Israel. I have taught and met founders in over 30 countries — but it was always about my journey, my search, finding my purpose.

It is a surreal experience to wake up and go for a 10Km run around the old city of Jaffa. It’s a city that has been there forever, a place that has some of the most interesting stories, the best tales that ever happened: conquests, ships, Muslims, Jews, Napoleon. If history is all about stories, Jaffa is the Mecca of stories for me (born and raised in Tel-Aviv, I run in Jaffa 3 times a week).

Standing there looking at the sea one day, it hit me: I want to tell stories. I love telling stories. When I teach, when I’m in the bar (I am a partner in two bars) or when I am writing my books (my third book is almost done), it’s always been about telling stories.

But even more than telling them or creating stories for brands, I want to teach people how I create my stories, how to write and measure their own.

If I can help a million people be better storytellers… Well, that would be incredible. What if I could teach 10 million or a 100 million?

This is my journey, my purpose, my why — I believe everyone is already a storyteller but, like my running, people can train and improve.

You see, I will not win the New-York marathon. Let’s face it, I will probably never even run the marathon, but I wanted to improve, from couch potato to 10K, and I did it.

The improvement was insane. From barely being able to run, I was able to finish the 10K in the Athens marathon in exactly one hour. Since then, I have kept running.



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